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These girls are AMAZING!  


Sister Finau's family came to the USA from Tonga and she grew up in Pittsburgh, California. She loves spending time with all her family. I believe she said she has 10 siblings.  She is serving in Pittsburgh, PA as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for 18 months.

1-0473-21-0473-2 Sister Spanheimer's  family lives in Payson, Utah. She loves horses and is an experienced horse rider. 

She is also serving in Pittsburgh, PA as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for 18 months. 1-0477-21-0477-2

Sister Spanheimer and Sister Finau have been working together for a small part of their 18 month mission as missionary companions. They work side by side and rarely ever separate during their companionship together. They are required to have a companion by their side throughout their mission. There are 20 Mormon missionaries serving in the Pittsburgh West Stake which is an area that covers from Moon down to Pleasant Hills and west to Wheeling WV and Wintersville, OH. there are many more Mormon missionaries all over the State of Pennsylvania and even all over the world.  


It is not an easy thing for a young lady as young as 19 years old to decide to move away from their family and be willing to go anywhere in the world that they might be needed and serve full time the entire 18 months. The young men can go at age 18 and serve for 2 years. This is a time when most young people are thinking mostly of themselves and what they want, preparing for their careers and seeking romantic relationships. But these remarkable young people give up everything for this 18 month to 2 year time in their life to serve God and their fellow men.  


Their service includes many different types of service. They have helped people clean up their homes to prepare for a move or just to dejunk. They work on service that will help people on the other side of the world, and they are willing to help people in the area with yard work, house work and humanitarian types of work. If you could use some help around your house, chances are they can come and help you out. 


The service that they consider most important though is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They can bring you a free Bible or Book of Mormon and can help you feel closer to God. They would love to teach you about where you came from, why you are here, and where you are going after you die. 


They can help you to be able to connect with God through prayer and scripture reading. 


They can help you to learn how to serve others. 


They can even teach you about how you can live with your family for All Eternity, rather than just "till death do ye part". 


They will help you feel the love God has for You! 


They have committed some of the most important years of their lives to this mission of serving others as God would have them do. 


Thank you Sister Finau and Sister Spanheimer! 

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Beautiful Autumn 1-69841-6984 This is Autumn


She wasn't quite sure what was going on with the big camera with the flashing lights


But she did a great job with her pictures! 


She was thinking about smiling...


She didn't even cry the entire time..


Isn't she so sweet?


Just chillin' in a bowl with the flowers...


awwww, finally got to sleep...


Isn't she beautiful! 


Autumn is a real sweet, special baby! 


Her family loves her dearly...


Isn't she just the sweetest thing? 



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Abi is getting big....What a cutie!

Little Abi is getting big.....  She is used to crawling everywhere.

However, she's been learning that it is more fun to be standing up where all the action is.

However, ground level is still more comfortable especially in uneven terrain. 

Abi gets a little big braver each day though and has been getting better balance too. 

She has decided that she likes to take a few steps every now and  then. 

Hey wait, what is this fluffy skirt? 

How am I supposed to walk in this bumpy grass when I can't see my feet? 

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Pennsylvania beauty 1-2694-51-2694-5

Cucumber Falls, Ohiopyle State Park, PA


Jonathan Run Falls, Ohiopyle State Park, PA


On the Youghiogheny River near Friendsville, MD


Lower Swallow Falls, Swallow Falls State Park, MD


Lower Swallow Falls with kayakers, Swallow Falls State Park, MD


Upper Swallow Falls, Swallow Falls State Park, MD


Tolliver Falls, Swallow Falls State Park, MD


Lower Swallow Falls with slow shutter Speed, Swallow Falls State Park, MD

On the Youghiogheny River, Ohiopyle State Park, PA

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Beautiful Baby 1-60391-6039

This is Abigail



She is a beautiful baby!


Look at her precious little feet....


and her pretty face!


Her big brother thinks she's swell...


He loves her a lot!


Look at her beautiful eyes!


Her Parents love her Dearly. 

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An awesome family at Christmas time. 1-9227-221-9227-22 1-92781-9278 1-9255-31-9255-3 1-9253-21-9253-2 1-9248-21-9248-2 1-9258-21-9258-2 1-92471-9247 1-9227.01-9227.0 1-9274-201-9274-20 1-9273-31-9273-3 1-92651-9265 1-9260-41-9260-4

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My new baby sister This is Charlie...


Charlie has a new sister... 1-5214.11-5214.1

Charlie just loves his sister Alice! 1-5219-21-5219-2

But sometimes we have to let her sleep....  1-52261-5226

She likes to pull faces 


And then sleep some more.... 


She is so sweet. 


Charlie has another kiss for his sister. 


Charlie sat in the little boat....


Charlie was a good sport, and he got a treat. 


She's awake! 1-5273-21-5273-2

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Beautiful Couple/Beautiful Wedding 1-0414-51-0414-5

The Rings


the Tables


Cookies made by a great Brother-in-Law


The Cookies were so pretty and tasty




Dinner prepared just right 1-05681-0568

with Many more choices


Mom helping the bride get ready


She looks so wonderful!


A sweet little niece who can't wait for her turn


Greeting the guests


They were all so excited and happy


for the happy couple


Their love for one another 


Will only grow stronger 


As they care for and love each other


for Time and all Eternity


Dinner was served


Dancing for everyone


A photo booth too


everyone had a great time


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Tweens Tweens! 

Tweens are a remarkable age group! they are the ones between children and teenagers. They are not yet kids, but also don't yet have the freedom and excitement of teenagers. It is a changing time in their lives as they are blooming into young adults. What better time to do a photoshoot to show them how beautiful they are! 


I had a great time photographing this beautiful young lady!


She cares about nature and the world around her. 


She always has a smile on her face... 1-0457-41-0457-4

 and a great attitude.


She is always willing to help out... 


when someone has a need. 


‚ÄčShe loves music... 1-05011-0501

when someone has a need.  1-04961-0496

She loves music... 


and plays the trombone! 1-05091-0509

You are Beautiful!

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Family Photos at Trax Farms This wonderful family was getting everyone together for a trip to Pittsburgh. One of the moms decided to have pictures taken as a surprise for the grandma. What a wonderful Idea. 


Everyone jumpted into the hay wagon ready to go up to the corn maze and pumpkin patch. 

2-47.0-62-47.0-6 We found a haystack to jump on.


We got lost in the Corn Maze... 

2-7529-52-7529-5 and picked pumpkins in a pumpkin patch.


They had so much fun with Grandma. 


You can feel the love...


Family time is great!


So many things to do in a corn maze, 


And things to find...


They even fed the goats, 


And played,  2-74672-7467

And Played.


One with Grandpa and Dad...


and just the kids.

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Summer is almost over

The end of Summer is fast approaching, but there are still beautiful backdrops outside. 

 On the Montour Trail. It is easy to get there most of the way by car. 

 Some of our family in Idaho

Kids way up high


This super cute family portrait was taken at Robin Hill in Moon Township 5776-25776-2

Some at Moon Park 57855785

So fun to see families that enjoy being together!


The kids having fun together! Johnsen-5799-30Johnsen-5799-30

Would you like to have your picture taken now? 

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Fun Day at the Park

These two were so much fun!

The rocks were slippery, but she was graceful!

Taking care of little sister

Having so much fun!

It was fun for me in the caterpillar tunnel too!

Big sister helped me swing!

Having a sister is so much fun!

Daddy keeping me safe!

A little sweetheart!

With her sister!

I'm getting so big! Ellis-1229Ellis-1229

Look at me climb!

with so much love!

What a happy girl!

She was so content!

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A new baby girl IMG_5378-1-2IMG_5378-1-2 What a cute little baby girl! She started out very much awake, but she was tired and wanted to be held, 

IMG_5419-1-3_edited-1Sleeping Beauty

So we wrapped her up and she fell asleep. 


Here she is with her big sister!

Pink background_edited-1Pink background_edited-1

And another. Sunflower field family-1-2Sunflower field family-1-2

and one with Mom and Dad!


With just Mom


She really does love her new sister, she just didn't want any more photos taken.  IMG_5340-1-2IMG_5340-1-2

While Mom changed baby sister's diaper we got some shots of this beautiful toddler.

IMG_5346-1-7IMG_5346-1-7 IMG_5347-1-2IMG_5347-1-2

She is thinking, "This makes me nervous!"


Cute as can be!

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self portraits with my family IMG_3787-1-3IMG_3787-1-3 since it was a sunny day, we opted for pictures in the shade.  IMG_3786-1-2IMG_3786-1-2 they had to squeeze Myra (the dog) to get her to stay in place. IMG_3782-1-3IMG_3782-1-3

Here's one of the kids and their puppy.  


the Pennsylvania woods are pretty. These were taken in a residential area on the trail  that leads to the park. 

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Playing in the yard. Imperial, Pennsylvania toddler photographer IMG_3725-1IMG_3725-1

This little boy loves to play out in the yard!


Summer time is going to be so much fun!


Rocks to throw....


Stairs to Climb....


Sharing sticks with the dog.....


Walking around thinking of things to do....


Don't let the dog get this stick!

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Imperial, PA Photography: Elm Street Park trail

We had a fun time playing in the grass and running all over the trail leading to Elm Street Park in Imperial, PA


He didn't really want to sit on a rock, but was a good sport about it anyway. 


It was much more fun to run up and down the trail.


And he loved finding neat things growing in the tall grass. He even tried to taste one. : )

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It's a Girl! Crafton, PA Newborn Photographer

This little sweatheart was simply amazing!

Mom and Dad were great too! You could see the love they have for their newborn baby...

She cooperated very well...

when she got a little fussy, Dad calmed her down. 

and she went back to sleep. 

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Birthday boy This little boy turned One!

It's so fun to have a birthday....Balloons....... This little boy turned One!


This little boy turned One! The decorations are so fun to take off the cake..... This little boy turned One!

He didn't want to eat it, just loved playing with the decorations....

It was so much fun!

This little boy turned One!

Yep, He's One!

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Crafton, PA Newborn Photographer: It's a Boy! newbornnewborn

This little guy was so sweet!

7 days7 days

He was very sleepy as all one week old babies are. 

However, he didn't like the striped outfit.


He didn't stay awake long. 


This is his mother soothing him before he went back to sleep. 

Once swaddled, he stayed asleep for the rest of the pictures. 

A close up while he was awake. 

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